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News from the Ranch

The last  several months Heritage Ranch has been working to prepare the house on campus to be a home for young men. During this process empty rooms have been filled with beds, desks, couches, chairs, and all the furnishings required to create a space where children can sleep, learn, live, and play. The empty walls are being filled with beautiful paintings of horses, children, and other images that make the house warm and inviting. Finally, we are working to fill the kitchen drawers with silverware, cabinets with dishes, bathroom closets with towels, and linen closet with sheets. Soon the house will be filled with a houseparent couple and a group of boys who will call this house home. As we approach the time to open, we are working diligently to meet all the licensing requirements for the campus. We are in the process of completing renovations and finalizing job descriptions for our first counselor and houseparent couple. This journey is one that does not run on a predictable time table and presents opportunities to learn flexibility at every turn. The one constant is the Lord reminding us that this is His work for children and families he loves. This summer during the camp we held for community kids I could truly envision the impact this beautiful property will have on the young people we serve. We are grateful to every board    member, supporter, volunteer, intern, staff person, and prayer warrior that has partnered in this process.

Vicki L. Ellis, Executive Director